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You can rely on our company to supply heavy equipment and rough terrain forklifts in Georgia when you need them most. Our customers are our highest priority, therefore providing you with the best quality machinery is why you can rely on us. The quality of the equipment is essential for completing big developmental projects quickly, efficiently, and safely. Contact us to learn more about our equipment and services so you’ll be able to tackle your next big project confidently.

Rough terrain forklifts are some of the most vital pieces of machinery when it comes to construction. The project site is bound to have uneven footing where wheels can experience instability; using the right machines will ensure that anything that needs to be moved from one place to another is done so safely and that whatever is being moved arrives intact. The same can be said about the other heavy equipment we offer.

No matter what the project, you can leave us your information and request, and we’ll be happy to reach out to you and begin making arrangements. We also have additional contact information if you’re looking for a specific representative. So don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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Inside Sales Jennifer West insidesales@mclifts.com (229) 386-0610
Purchasing Sammy Dillard sammy@mclifts.com (229) 386-0610
Parts & Sevice Lee Burgess lee@mclifts.com (229) 387-6243