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Heavy equipment is often the heart of an operation. Companies depend on their machines to keep processes and production moving forward. That’s why it’s important to take the time to find the best one for your business. Knowing you have a forklift or backhoe that can handle all you ask of it gives you confidence you can get the job done. Master Craft Industrial Equipment Corp. is the leading manufacturer of customized industrial equipment in Tifton, GA. We offer three different lines of rough terrain forklifts — these range from a lift capacity of 5,000 to 20,000 lbs. and can be used in many different material handling disciplines and applications. We also offer the Tugger III (a tow-truck used in the manufactured home industry) and The Fox (a low profile forklift built for the poultry industry) to further meet your needs. Each of our products are built-to-order to meet customer specifications and not mass-produced on assembly lines. We take pride in the quality of the machines that we build as a forklift and backhoe manufacturer. We put our reputation on the line with every one we create. Our goal is to produce a range of products that can help companies fill a variety of roles. You are our customers, and we aim to serve you by creating the best possible equipment so that you can meet your customers’ needs. Our team understands that not every business is alike, and needs vary across industries. That is why we provide customized equipment. You may have a specialized task that can only be handled by a piece of machinery designed with those needs in mind. As a backhoe manufacturer, we have experience in building the products our customers need. And we are ready to help you get the equipment you require to get the job done. Browes our website to see the different selections of specialty industrial equipment or call us to learn more about our products.
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